What we do

New Schools for Chicago (NSC) seeks to dramatically impact student achievement by ensuring that every family and child has access to a high-quality school. To achieve dramatic results we must support parents in navigating to and advocating for quality school options, drive "kids-first" policy, and provide direct support to schools. 

ELEVATE THE Parent Voice

We strive to support parents in their need for quality school choices. We provide tools and resources so that parents may better find, enroll in, and advocate for great school options. With parent and community advocates, our goal is to change the public dialogue from one focused on school type, to one focused on school quality & parent choice. 

Support Kids-First Policies

We are committed to supporting parents in playing an active role in decision-making towards “kids-first” reforms. Together, we can work to ensure that smart and effective policies are working in the best interest of Chicago families seeking quality school options.


Direct support to schools

 The quality of every school, regardless of school type, is our highest priority. Through an annual grant process, New Schools will identify mid-performing schools and provide comprehensive supports to improve student outcomes.