An On the Table discussion with CPS, speaking with students at Exelon's Stay in School event, and more! 


This month New Schools for Chicago (NSC) was excited to host a discussion between parents, educators and community members, alongside CPS' Janice Jackson.  Together the group explored CPS' new high school enrollment system, GoCPS.  Further, Daniel Anello represented New Schools for Chicago at Exelon's Stay in School event, and Board Member John Rowe hosted a preview of a forthcoming study by UChicago on behalf of NSC. 


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Kids First Chicago, Build Chicago, Daniel Anello, and CPS' Dr. Janice Jackson Listen to Families' Questions around GoCPS

Chicago Public Schools’ latest school choice initiative, GoCPS, was the topic of conversation for an On the Table discussion hosted by Kids First Chicago and BUILD Chicago held at BUILD’s office, on May 16. Launched by the Chicago Community Trust (CCT) in 2014, On the Table is a day where dozens of rich and nuanced conversations addressing multiple issues across Chicago are held with the intended goal of fostering new relationships and creating a unifying experience.

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Single Application for Families Comes to CPS High Schools

Chicago Public Schools’ Board of Education announced at its latest monthly board meeting that rising eighth grade students will be able to apply to high schools using a single application – GoCPS. The move to GoCPS comes on the heels of school choice advocates, teachers, parents, and students calling for a less convoluted method for selecting the schools that best fit incoming CPS freshmen.


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CPS Aims to Simplify High School Applications With New ‘GoCPS’ Model

Chicago Public Schools is hoping to simplify its rigorous high school application process with a new plan promising to save time and limit headaches for families and students. The Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to approve a new common application for students entering district high schools this fall. The new model, called “GoCPS,” is aimed at transparency and efficiency in that application process, according to CPS Chief Education Officer Janice Jackson.


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A Big Win for Chicago's Students and Families

The Chicago Public Schools Board of Education voted unanimously in favor of moving to a single application for all public high schools in the city. This decision comes just after a recently released report from New Schools for Chicago and the Institute for Innovation in Public School Choice (IIPSC), which includes the feedback and recommendations of parents from across the city. 



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Stop playing political games with our schools. 

Our state budget crisis continues to plague Springfield, threatening the financial future of every organization from Chicago Public Schools and our public universities to our social service programs that help thousands of Illinoisans every day. However, in Illinois, some of our elected leaders are more concerned with political wins than public service.


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The True Story on Academic Achievement at Chicago Public Schools

Last week, President Trump discussed Chicago’s students in a conversation with business executives at the White House, lamenting, “If you look at so many elements of education, and it’s so sad to see what’s coming — what’s happening in the country.”  We will not stand by and let President Trump diminish the hard work and incredible progress made by the students, families, teachers, and principals in Chicago’s public schools.


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A Single Application on the Horizon for CPS

Families in Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have the choice of 172 high schools with nearly 500 additional program choices, but accessing those choices that are both high-quality and a good fit, with a decentralized application process, is challenging, if not impossible.


Learn about our work to address parent needs. 


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Universal Enrollment or the "Single Application"

By now, many people have seen the Chicago Tribune Article published at the end of January regarding the implementation of a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) common, or single, high school application. This shift is critical to increasing access to high-quality public schools to every family in Chicago. 


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Reflecting on Progress and Looking Ahead in 2017

Just over a year after we invested in this renewed vision, rather than 75,000 students in low-quality schools, we see that number reduced to 50,000.

We are proud to have been part of both direct and indirect gains in the district, and invite you to review our 2016 Progress Report, which includes updates on each area of our work, and an analysis of improvements across the district.


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We've been Featured in EdSurge News

Choice can be a powerful thing —provided you can evaluate, and act on, the options available to you. For decades, Chicago parents have been able to apply to send their kids to their school of choice—and they can put as many as 20 schools on their wish list.


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Six leaders who helped move the world in 2016

The world saw no shortage of social, economic, and environmental challenges in 2016. But thanks in part to an unprecedented leadership development initiative launched by four U.S. presidential centers — two Democrat and two Republican — a diverse new generation of leaders is more prepared than ever to advance solutions to pressing problems across the globe.


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We've been Featured in AustinTalks

Austin’s BUILD Chicago youth center saw its usual steady stream of kids come in for after-school activities on a recent afternoon.


About a dozen teens spent that time pecking away at computers searching for high schools and filling out enrollment applications. Angela Bowman’s 13-year-old son was among them, spending about an hour with a Kids First Chicago volunteer.


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Enrollment Workshops Make Headlines 

In the month of December the Kids First Chicago team has been featured in the Chicago Sun Times and Austin Weekly news for their work in communities. Together, the team has supported 226 students submit 1,596 applications to high quality schools in just 4 weeks!


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Fernando Diaz Finds Support at Kids First Chicago Enrollment Workshop

For many Chicago parents, deciding which school best fits their children's academic path begins with elementary and high school instead of post-secondary options. Enter Kids First Chicago, a nonprofit that offers families consultation on how to find the best educational options for their children.


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Enrollment Workshops help families navigate a difficult system. 

For many Chicago parents, deciding which school best fits their children's academic path begins with elementary and high school instead of post-secondary options. Enter Kids First Chicago, a nonprofit that offers families consultation on how to find the best educational options for their children.


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Parents and Alumni as Advocates

New Schools believes that a critical part of ensuring that every kid has access to a high-quality school is listening to and meeting the needs of families. That's why we launched Kids First Chicago, a critical platform for parents and community members to navigate to and advocate for high-quality schools.  


In this issue learn more about what parents and alumni have to say about education in Chicago. 


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More Kids in High Quality Seats

When comparing 2015-2016 school performance data to the newly released 2016-2017 performance data, we see an improvement in overall performance across all Chicago Public Schools regardless of school type.



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Introducing Kids First Chicago

New Schools for Chicago is proud to announce the launch of our new Kids First Chicago website which includes a comprehensive school guide for parents, a school search feature, a spotlight on Chicago voices, and the platform for parents to make their voices heard. 


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Grantees Accelerate Student Outcomes

New Schools for Chicago has vowed to dramatically impact student achievement. Our goal is simple, but ambitious: to provide 50,000 more students access to high-quality schools by the year 2020.


A critical component to our work is supporting middle performing schools in improving outcomes, opening more high-quality seats for students.


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Students, Parents, Teachers, Fight for Schools. New Schools for Chicago, June/July 2016 Newsletter

Put Kids First

We believe that when the dialogue around education shifts from one about school type, to one centered around school quality, kids will come first when it comes to policies and district-wide decisions. 


4,000+ parents, alumni, students, teachers, and community members gathered to "Put Kids First".



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Students, Parents, Teachers, Fight for Schools. New Schools for Chicago, June/July 2016 Newsletter

Students, Parents, & Teachers Fight for Schools

On June 9th, more than 4,000 parents, students and teachers rallied to call on state lawmakers to pass a budget solution that would keep Chicago’s schools open in the fall. The steady drizzle could not dampen the energy of the crowd, who donned white t-shirts demanding that our leaders ‘Put Kids First’. The atmosphere was electric and you could feel the ground shake as the crowd moved. Organized by New Schools for Chicago, parents and students alike came together to show Illinois lawmakers how important their schools are to their families.

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