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LEARN Charter School Network

In 1980 three women started Lawndale Community School, a small private school with only eleven students, out of frustration with the lack of educational resources in the community.  In order to support growth, the board of directors decided it would be best for the students and neighborhood if the school became chartered to gain more resources and opportunities.  This resulted in the transition from Lawndale Community School to LEARN Charter School in 2001, and the subsequent expansion of the network.  LEARN replicated their successful model into four new elementary schools between 2008 and 2010, and will open a fifth school in the fall of 2011.

LEARN’s Romano-Butler campus is one of ten schools recently awarded with Recognizing Excellence in Academic Leadership, a major federal grant meant to reward high-performing teachers and create mentoring opportunities.

Robin Johnson is passionate about helping kids succeed – with good reason.  “I know firsthand that low socioeconomic status doesn’t mean you can’t succeed,” says the LEARN principal who grew up on the west side of Chicago.  LEARN schools are college prep elementary schools that work.  Their students outperform their peers by 24 percentage points or more on the state test.  Moreover, 99 percent of all LEARN students graduate high school, and 95 percent attend college.

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